Elementals 4 Fusion
Play to Earn model
The sustainability of the earning model is the first goal of our in-game reward system. The fast rise followed by a big dump of an in-game currency is what the E4F team wants to prevent with the following model.
There will be a Treasury that will pay all the PvP ranked matches a prize for the player who wins. To evolve, summon or fuse the elementals the players will need to play the PvE to win utility cards and use them to evolve their elemental cards.
All the game economy will be based on the PvE utility cards rewards system and in the PvP Arena battle rewarded in Solana.
To maintain the development of the Elementals 4 Fusion, 10% of the prizes paid by the treasury has a 10% fee that is paid to the development fund.
Last modified 10mo ago
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