Player vs Player
The PvP mode will take place in the PvP Tower and in the Arena. The Arena is meant for the Play For Fun mode, where the players can try their card stack, strategy and have fun. This mode has no ranking and no reward.
The PvP Tower is where the players can fight for the Solana prizes and participate in the global ranking. The player can fight in the PvP tower 4 times a day. After each battle, there is a 6 hour cooldown until the player can fight again in this mode.
The Tower has 5 floors, each floor can be played by the following card levels: Floor 1 - Battles between Common and Uncommon Elementals. Floor 2 - Battles between Uncommon and Epic Elementals. Floor 3 - Battles between Epic and Rare Elementals. Floor 4 - Battles between Rare and Legendary Elementals. Floor 5 - Battles between Legendary Elementals.
The reward in Solana for the winner in each floor is the percentage of the treasury described below:
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