Elementals 4 Fusion
Evolution Cards
There are 4 types of evolution cards, to evolve common elemental cards up to legendary elemental cards. Evolution mechanics Every elemental has a level, it can be common to legendary. To level up the elemental, the player needs an evolution card and 2 equal elemental cards(same type), and the same level. When an evolution happens, there is a chance of the Evolution fails, in this case, the evolution card is burned but the evolution cards are not. If the evolution succeeds, the Elemental cards and the Evolution card are burned and a new Elemental card with the new level is minted.
Evolution Card Types
  • Common: Evolves 2 common to an uncommon elemental
  • Uncommon: Evolves 2 uncommon to a rare elemental.
  • Rare: Evolves 2 rare to an epic elemental.
  • Epic: Evolves 2 epics to a legendary elemental.
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