Elementals 4 Fusion
Summon Cards
These are some of the rarest utility cards, they can be used to summon a new Elemental card, however, they can just be used when the population is lower than the 10.000 maximum limit. There is just one type of summon cards.
To use a Summon Card, the player needs to have at least 2 rare, epic, or legendary elementals, therefore the summon card can just be used with 2 rare or up elemental cards. When a player summons a new elemental using 2 rare elementals the new summoned one will be a common one. If the player uses 2 epic elementals to summon, there is a chance that the new created are a common or an uncommon one, and if the player uses 2 legendary to summon, there is a chance of the new one be a common, uncommon, or an epic.
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