Elementals 4 Fusion

Elementals Cards

These are the main cards in the game, the player can use them to PVP/PVE. There are 3 ways to mint an Elemental Card. The first one is to participate in the drop event when there will be 9.900 cards available for 1 SOL each. The second one is buying it in the market after the drop event. The third one is summoning an elemental card using 2 Elemental cards plus a Summon Card. - Primary Elementals: - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
The Four Elementals in their Common form.
- Hybrid Elementals - Fire + Water = Cloud or Steam - Fire + Earth = Magma or Steel - Fire + Air = Smoke or Energy - Earth + Water = Mud or Slime - Earth + Air = Dust or Sand - Water + Air = Ice or mist - Water + Fire + Earth = Geyser - Air + fire + Water = Storm - Earth + Air + Water = Summit - Earth + Fire + Air = Volcano - Fire + Water + Earth + Air = Fusion Elemental
To create a Hybrid Elemental the player needs to have at least 2 Elementals at the same level and one of the 3 types of fusion cards. When he starts the merge, provided that succesful, the first 2 Elementals will be burned and a new hybrid of the same level will rise. Otherwise, if the merge is unsuccessful the fusion card will be burned.